Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Poema del día.

Extracto de A banjo song

OH, dere's lots o' keer an' trouble In dis world to swaller down; 
An' ol' Sorrer's purty lively In her way o' gittin' roun'. 
Yet dere's times when I furgit 'em,
 — Aches an' pains an' troubles all, — 
An' it's when I tek at ebenin' My ol' banjo f'om de wall. 
'Bout de time dat night is fallin' An' my daily wu'k is done, 
An' above de shady hilltops I kin see de settin' sun;
 When de quiet, restful shadders Is beginnin' jes' to fall, — 
Den I take de little banjo F'om its place upon de wall.

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