Wednesday, February 11, 2009

(almost) All about Darwin.

Darwin Year

Ernst Mayr –‘Darwin of the 20th century’

Social is Emotional

Does Darwin’s Naturalization Hypothesis Explain Fish Invasions?

Development and phylogeny of the arthropods: Darwin’s legacy

What would Darwin have written now?

The Impact of Darwin on Biology- Published 1961

Wallace, Darwin, and the Theory of Natural Selection - Published 1968

An early Darwin manuscript: The “outline and draft of 1839” - Published 1975

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution: An analysis - Published 1975

Reflections on the progress of Darwin studies- Published 1975

Darwin's evolutionary philosophy: the laws of change - Published 1978

The young Darwin - Published 1979

Evolutionary theories and design practices

The idea of nature in America

Modest Evolutionary Naturalism

Visions of Evolution: Self-organization Proposes What Natural Selection Disposes

Karl Popper and Lamarckism

Forty Years a Philosopher of Biology: Why EvoDevo Makes Me Still Excited About My Subject

The Meaning of Darwin´s "abominable mystery"

Darwin´s three mistakes

Charles Darwin (1809–1882)

Colloquium Papers: Darwin's greatest discovery: Design without designer

Charles Darwin and the foundations of clinical genetics in dentistry

Mendel's Opposition to Evolution and to Darwin

Darwinism Must Die So That Evolution May Live

y por supuesto, el retrato biografico mas humano del naturalista, aqui.

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